Moments that Matter: June – Ruby

For a long while, I have followed with awe, interest and slight pangs of jealousy at other photographers who are part of ‘blog circles’.  A group of photographers with a monthly theme; who post on their blog and then link to others….one links to the next until the circle is complete.  I’ve wondered how on earth do I get myself into a blog circle?  How do all of these amazing photographers know each other?  And then one evening I stumbled across ‘Moments that Matter’, a group started by the extremely talented Cindy Cavanagh.

And so…I find myself in a blog circle.  A monthly project; a brilliant way to focus me every month;  an amazing way to gain inspiration and support from a group of very talented women.

With that, my first post, my ‘Moments that Matter’.

Just a little backstory to these images.  My daughter Ruby has been learning ballroom dancing with The Dance Project for 2 years now.  She loves it; its brilliant for her concentration, poise, confidence. Every week its just Ruby and me; I pick her up from school and we have a snack at a nearby café, then go to ballroom.  Then a rush to get home.

This week we did something different.  After dance we went to the beach.  And I took my camera.  It was 38 degrees at ten to 7…the sun just about to drop behind the edge of the ocean.

These are my month’s “Moments that Matter”.

To follow the circle, head over to see a different beach view by Brisbane-based photographer Kelly Adams.  A city very close to my heart with our best friends living there.

Already planning ahead to next month – life in Phuket.

Natalie x






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