Moments that Matter: August

Just like that, our summer holiday has come to an end.

We have spent an amazing 5 weeks away from the intense heat of Dubai.

Most of our days were spent in the pool….in and out, up to 4 times a day. We swam, we laughed, we played, we danced.  And somewhere through the shouts of “Marco….polo” and “what’s the time Mr Wolf” we reconnected as a family.  We pottered and played; we lounged and we lazed.

And one afternoon we headed to the beach.

This was one of the first moments on holiday that I actually took my camera out.  It didn’t last for long.  Instead of trying to capture the moments, I consciously decided to get into the moments.  So the camera went back in the bag.  Sometimes we need to be a bit more present, and this was that moment.

The moments I missed capturing: the noise from my 5 year old, protesting that the sand was “just too sandy”.  Me being buried in the sand and made to wear a sandy mermaid tail.  Having a sandcastle competition, girls against the boy and nana team.  Sitting drinking Singa with my mum as the sun went down.  Kids eating melon, getting covered in juice, then whining because it was now sandy melon juice that covered them.  I did actually take a photo of my son, mid-rage, which just wound him up even more until I deleted it!

So as I post this, I feel like I am sharing half-moments with you.  Half of the whole beach experience that day.  My mum and I shall remember it though – and really, those are the moments that matter.

By the way. We didn’t rush back to the “way too sandy” beach very quickly 😉

Moments August-1Moments August-2Moments August-3Moments August-4Moments August-5Moments August-6Moments August-7Moments August-8Moments August-9Moments August-10Moments August-11

To follow this circle, please head to the very talented Juanita of Little Forest Photography:

Until next month xx


3 thoughts on “Moments that Matter: August

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    • Thank you Juanita. You and me both… We are now back in Dubai and it’s just too hot to spend any length of time outside. Bring on October and the cooler weather here!

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