Moments that Matter: September

An hour of chaos at my house.

My attempts to get my children to get outside for some ‘fresh air’ totally failed.  Its still so hot here in Dubai.  As soon as it cools I vow to have all windows and doors open as much as possible this winter.

In the meantime we make chaos inside the house.  In the process of the free-for-all I managed some very true to life images of my kids.  My oldest daughter creates the chaos.  She may look calm but she’s the most playfully creative – also known as ‘wild’ – of the three of them.  I’ve always thought that as long as I can control Ruby’s mood everyone else will follow!

My goal was to capture chaos, especially on my bed.  I also wanted to embrace shadow, light and dark and experiment with it a little, especially in my bedroom.  Hope you love these…these are my ‘Moments that Matter’ this month.

To follow the blog circle around, please follow the link after all of the images.

Natalie xx


As you may know, my ‘Moments that Matter’ are part of a monthly blog circle…to head to the next talented photographer, Marlene Sayson- please follow:

Natalie xx




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