Moments that Matter: December

November and December have been totally manic with work.  I feel like all I am doing on the weekends is juggling children, my husband and shoots.  I’m sure many of you are in the same boat this month!  So, for this month’s ‘Moments that Matter’ I wanted to concentrate my efforts on capturing my children at home and out and about on our weekends.  Nothing staged; just what we would normally find ourselves doing at home.

Captured over two weekends in December, I shot this series of images with my 35mm lens.  For me, my constant go-to lens is my 24-70mm; it never comes off my camera.  I feel like I get a bit lazy because of it; so I decided to change it up a little and revisit my 35mm.  I also made a conscious decision to edit all of these in black and white to keep in line with my Instagram work.  Whilst my Instagram posts are all shot on my IPhone, I really wanted to retain the simplicity of black and white for these images.  I love the way black and white just strips away the noise in an image and lets you focus on the light, shade and the mood in an image.

Looking forward to seeing the work of the other talented female photographers in our group this month’s blog circle.  Head over to Kelly Adams’ post this month to see her ‘Moments that Matter’.

Until next month,

Natalie xx

5 thoughts on “Moments that Matter: December

  1. Well done you for getting your camera out to capture your family during such a super busy time. It’s so hard to make the time. The one of everyone carrying the Christmas tree in the street & the one with the kids walking in single file, love love love! Wonderful captures Natalie.

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