Newborns: Mia

I met Lauren, Lloyd, gorgeous Grace and little new sister Mia a few weeks ago – when Mia was around 6 weeks old.  One of those couples who I could have just sat and chatted to all day over my coffee – we seemed to hit it off from the start!  Their little girl Grace is an absolute star in her new role as big sister, so our shoot was full of cuddles, laughter and fun.

We spent a really natural morning together – connecting, reading, playing; and then attempting to get little Mia to sleep for fear of having a completely over tired babe on our hands!  With lifestyle newborn shoots it is much less important that the baby sleeps; in fact I LOVE it when the baby is awake – you can capture more honest and true moments of connection than just gazing at a sleeping baby 😉

Here are some of my favourite shots from our session.  Thank you so much to Lauren and Lloyd for asking me to capture these in their new home, with their new babe xx

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