Newborns: Tizian

I first met Nadine, Nawin and Louis around 3 years ago on the beach for a family shoot.  We kept in touch on Facebook – and at the end of last year, I heard from Nadine that she was expecting baby number two.  I was excited to meet baby Tizian and see how much (new) big brother Louis had changed in 3 years – as well as catching up with Nadine and Nawin of course.

When I walked into their home, the walls were filled with images from our family shoot 3 years ago!  It really is so lovely to see your own work appreciated and displayed inside your client’s home.  I still look back on those images as a real turning point in my photography career – I had more of an idea about the type and style of images I wanted to create; I had started to give more gentle direction / suggestions to my clients; and as for my editing – well it moved from everything having a slight ‘yellow tone’ to clean, crisp and more of a neutral white balance.

We spent a relaxed Saturday morning taking photos around their home; in the lounge, Tizian’s bedroom and the master bedroom.  Big brother Louis was just amazing – so loving, caring and a complete natural at protecting his little brother Tizian – it was a real joy to see and I honestly think that comes across through this set of images.  Here are some of my favourites from our shoot.

Natalie xx

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