Pregnancy: Kira, Daniel, Sasha and Maya

I met Kira, Daniel and their two girls Sasha and Maya in Zabeel Park for a very special family shoot.  They were celebrating the final day of Kira’s pregnancy – yes – that very night she was being induced!  So it was really important to capture them as a family of four, before 4 became 5 with the arrival of little Lena.

Kira and Daniel are a truly international family, with Daniel hailing from Boston and Kira from St Petersburg.  They met in Moscow and moved to Dubai a few years later, where (in Kira’s words) they “went from leading lives of single and somewhat cool corporate people to being forever exhausted parents of two little girls”.

The park was absolutely beautiful upon opening at 8am – and even the sprinklers came on for us…it was the perfect spot to capture some relaxed family images of everyone together.

Here are some of my favourites.

Natalie x


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