I made my own website. Yup! Believe it baby.

Head to

Over the summer I have been working a couple of hours a day on this, in between the “mama, I’m bored” and “what can I do”‘s. I’m sure my kids think I have just had my head in a laptop all summer. I feel like I can now add ‘website developer’ to my growing list of relevant skills 😉

So without further ado (drumroll, please, especially when you consider I bought this web domain 5 years ago) I am extremely happy to announce the launch of my sparkly new website.

I’m inviting you to check it out. Its gorgeous and I’m so proud of myself; I’ve poured every descriptive word I know into it. And even better its full of brand new images.

Plus its got a fabulous new blog and client gallery pages (still both a work in progress and to be launched shortly). And a photo cart ordering service allowing my clients easier access to ordering framed prints, photo books and other exclusive products.

I would love you to take a moment and spend some time having a look.

And if your vision for a photo shoot matches my style, then drop me a line and we can make a plan.

Natalie x


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