Fresh 48 sessions

A Fresh 48 session is a documentary style shoot, which takes place in the hospital, within 48 hours of your new babe arriving.

If you would like to see what this looks like in reality – have a look at this session from July….

Just to give you an idea about how this session went.  I was with the family around an hour in total; I’m really aware that after just having a baby you’re totally shattered so kept it quite swift. I would take my lead from you on the day as to the best timing to come.

There is no posing, I am literally there like a fly on the wall. I do use the natural light available, so would encourage you to turn towards the light / the window, rather than facing away from the light. Small things like that – but nothing else.  I would encourage you to go about your normal business with the baby and visitors etc. And I stand back and document it all.

With this style of newborn photography, its important to know that I don’t do any major editing other than cropping and colour tones. Its a real life, honest, documentary of your family coming together at that time.

Something else to know is that with the colour of the lights in hospital, often these images look a million times better in black and white. I tend to find that they have more impact and tell a better story when in black and white as your eye is channeled towards the story that is happening more easily.
If you are planning a natural delivery then I would basically keep in close contact with you, so that once you’re in labour / had the baby then we can make a plan for me to visit.

After the session I will deliver the images to you within 24 hours.  I would love to do a storytelling video like this one – which will tell the story of our time together.